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Handcrafted Cookies that Taste as Good as they Look

Sweet Constructions Orange Butter Stars ready to pack in gift boxesAt Sweet Constructions, we bake the kinds of cookies and other pastries that we like to eat – small, rich indulgences made with natural and local ingredients. Bringing together many years of baking experience, we work to update our family favorites and other classic cookies such as chocolate crackles, vanilla and raspberry filled sandwich cookies, ginger drops, and snickerdoodles. In addition to using better ingredients, we try to make each cookie look as good as it tastes, creating a small bite that is refined enough to include in elegant gift assortments. 

Sweet Constructions all natural ingredients ready for mixingWe make all of our cookies in small batches, add finishing touches such as hand-dipping in chocolate or drizzling them with house-made caramel. We choose what goes into our cookies carefully and do not add preservatives, artificial flavors, or hydrogenated oils (trans fats). Whenever possible, we try to use natural, sustainable ingredients from local producers and purveyors. In addition, to control taste and ensure only the best ingredients, we make our own caramel and raspberry jam.

At the bakery - putting cookie sheets in the ovenMindi Canner and Kate Kuckro are the bakers behind Sweet Constructions. As upstairs and downstairs neighbors, we met on our front porch and discovered we had a lot in common, from our love of baking, canning, and eating sustainably to our ties to neighboring New England towns. In 2001, we began baking cookies and other treats for friends and family, school fundraisers and other events. Encouraged by the response to our treats, we decided to give our cookies the ultimate test: selling them. We started by selling to friends and co-workers for the winter holidays, and have since expanded to offering our cookies year-round online.

We test all of our recipes until we are completely satisfied with the results. Even as we’ve grown, our friends and family still play a vital role as recipe testers; until they’re happy, we aren’t. We continue to choose which sweets to add to our lineup by how long our testers' eyes stay closed and they remain quiet before we hear "yum." We hope you enjoy our cookies and other indulgences as much as they do!

To learn about upcoming events and other things, you can read the Sweet Constructions blog, follow us on twitter @sfcookies or become a fan on Facebook.

What Others Say About Our Cookies

"I wanted to let you know again how much our employees loved your desserts at our Holiday Party... I have already had many people tell me that I MUST book you guys again for this year! " - Kelly C. (Bay Area Company)

"…Perfect size indulgence without the guilt…" - Luis C. (via Yelp.com)

"…Their cookies are not your run-of- the-mill chocolate chip varieties but high quality, lovingly crafted, visually appealing, and outright scrumptious treats…" - Alona S. (via Yelp.com)

"…these cookies are unique. They're not huge chocolate and egg bombs, like we usually get in America. They are delicate, melting, buttery goodness…" - Maureen F. (via Yelp.com)

“These ladies do cookies right! People have raved about the "sandwich cookie." I had to have one. Delicious. Two short bread cookies, stuck together with soft butter cream frosting and raspberry jam.” – Rick V. (via Yelp.com)

"…we couldn't resist trying out a few of the cookies last night and they are WONDERFUL. I ate (inhaled) a sandwich cookie - very, very good - and my husband ate a butter cookie - delicious!" – Carol S.

“I recently sampled one of their heavenly (mini-cup)cakes at an industry party and they were amazing!” – Cathy K. (via Yelp.com)

“Thank you very much for being able to fill my order so quickly, but also for having a nice selection and at a nice price, especially the free delivery.  You have helped me to present an impressive gift at an affordable price…” – Merrick W.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! You know I have NO willpower when it comes to your cookies. Screw gifts for others, I WANT THEM!!!" - Maria A.

"By the way, my clients have loved receiving the cookies in January, so I appreciate your accommodating that timing. Thanks again." – Nancy L. (large California law firm)

"Your cookies received high praise from all! I told everyone who asked their origins about Sweet Constructions. Thanks again for your help." - Joan R.

In the News

Sweet Constructions' award winning sandwich cookies - SF Weekly Best of San Francisco 2011SF Weekly Best of 2011: Best Dishes Worth Hunting Down by By Jonathan Kauffman and John Birdsall. May 2011:
"Since the summer of 2009, when a profusion of food carts sprouted up around the city, smartphone-enabled San Franciscans have become nomadic eaters....It's hard to predict where Mindi Canner and Kate Kuckro's innocuous-seeming cookie case will appear, but if you spot it, home in on the plush, friable sandwich cookies — coconut wafers with waffle-weave surfaces and, in between, homemade raspberry jam kept in place with a piped-in ring of vanilla buttercream."

SFoodie's 92: No. 44 - Sandwich Cookies from Sweet Constructions by John Birdsall. March 16, 2011:
"It's hard to choose a favorite from Canner and Kuckro's repertoire. Their chocolate crackle cookies ($1) are the tenderest we've had, and Sweet Constructions' shiny cube of a chocolate brownie ($1.50) is moist as pavé under its stratum of ganache, cut so precisely it looks like a geologic cross-section. But we have to give the edge to the sandwich cookie ($1.50), bracketed with plush coconut wafers. They're pale as good butter, with a luxe surface like a waffle-weave hotel bathrobe and a nicely friable texture. Inside there's raspberry jam, kept in place with a piped-in ring of vanilla buttercream -- jam Canner and Kuckro put up themselves, in season, from fruit sourced at farmers' markets."

Sweet Constructions' Snickerdoodle SwirlsSnickerdoodle Hack: Spirals! by Dana Velden. July 16, 2010:
"Wandering in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco the other day, I came across a street cart called Sweet Constructions. There, among many delicious looking delicacies...I saw what looked like a mini cinnamon bun but the sign said snickerdoodles. How exciting! I took a sample home (along with its creator's email address) to see if I could duplicate it."

I Heart Sweet Constructions by Jeannie Carriere. June 24, 2010:
"Sweet Constructions is now my favorite cookie company...I love when people seem to really care about what they do, their customers and don’t hesitate to spread a little goodwill. So in addition to entrancing my taste buds with their cookies, they have won my heart with a simple yet thoughtful and much appreciated gesture. "

Sweets to Streets by Cindy Ha. Foodie a la Cart, April 30, 2010:
"Mindi Canner and Kate Kuckro were neighbors for a knack for baking. With the encouragement of friends and co-workers, Canner and Kuckro decided to take their passion for baking full time. Sweet Constructions cart launched last July and have swept the street food scene in San Francisco one bite-size cookie at a time."

Sweet Constructions' award-winning chocolate crackles - San Francisco Food Wars Chocolate Cookie Situation People's Choice WinnerSan Francisco Food Wars - Chocolate Cookie Situation. The situation all wrapped up, The situation played out like-a this, March 24, 2010:
People's Choice: Sweet Constructions/ Chocolate Crackle,
Judge's 3rd Place: Sweet Constructions / Chocolate Crackle

Friends Bake for Bucks by Myriam Beltran. Mission Local, February 2, 2010:
"On a recent Friday night, Kate Kuckro and Mindi Caner bundled up against the cold and set up shop outside the public library at 24th Street and Bartlett. They didn’t have to wait long for their first customer, a man towing a small rolling suitcase who doubled back when he noticed their Sweet Constructions cart."

Buying Out the Sweet Constructions Cart by Tamara Palmer. SFood Blog at SFWeekly, September 9, 2009:
"SFoodie encountered them in the streets last week, went wild, and bought one of everything, which came to $16 -- not bad for bragging rights to say you've bought out a bakery...Our impulse to buy it all was rewarded with nary an errant bite in the bunch. We even added an extra ginger drop after taking the first bite."

Allergy Note

Most of our cookies contain eggs, dairy and wheat (gluten) flour, and some include chocolate, pecans and almonds. In addition, we make our cookies in a facility that also handles peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.


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